Friday, September 14, 2012

Be Imaginative!

If someone walked into the room right now and said, "Be imaginative!", they would probably be met with blank stares and complete quiet. Not exactly what they were looking for. Imagination and creativity do not come from being demanded, yet sometimes we might put that pressure on ourselves. I have to write now, or paint now, or compose right now. This is the only time I have free. I personally do not like to be pressured. I can work under pressure, but my most pleasurable work comes through me, not forced through me. It's something that can be encouraged by all the things we've been discussing the past few weeks and yes it can come if we demand it, but the end result can fall flat, unless we've been feeding our imaginations.

I was talking with a friend of mine, who is a very talented jeweler. His work is beautiful and he shared there are times that he creates when he just doesn't 'feel' it. That's part of life. Part of making a living. We have to push through some times when we don't feel it, but we can also set ourselves up to want to, by fueling our imaginations. Question is, do you want to be pushed or do you want to be pulled? Music is a lure for me. If I turn on music in the studio, then that's where I want to be.

A new perspective might help someone else. List all the things you will never do, and get as outlandish as possible. Like will you ever kiss a porpoise? I don't know, you might? How about a porpoise wearing a pink tutu, purple lipstick and glitter surrounding it's eyes? Yeah, not so much? But if I wanted to - REALLY wanted to - I could paint it. And you could write a song, or poem or story about it or.....??

Feed your imagination, and you will be imaginative.