Friday, August 10, 2012

Writing Before Coffee - Say It Isn't So!!

OK Before you misunderstand, let me state quickly, I'm not blogging before coffee. But I promised I would share any insight I gathered from other sources regarding creative inspiration. I am reading a book by Janice Elsheimer titled, 'The Creative Call'. In her book she tries to help people renew their artistic passion or live it more fully.  It pertains not only to painters, but also writers, gardeners, musicians, dancers, poets, photographers. The list goes on. Basically it's for any person who creates. Her take is that you were created by a creator for a purpose. She encourages you to find out what that is and create more.

The first activity this past week was to journal. This should not be confused with blogging. You may already blog a lot, but blogging is intended for others to read. Journaling is private. While you are journaling you can let go of things bothering you, talk about your day, ideas that have been filling up your mind. Things that perhaps have been working in the background while you go about your day. 

The journaling for fifteen minutes a day wasn't a struggle for me. I actually enjoyed it. The hard part was it needs to be first thing. No coffee. No waking up before writing. Trudging over to the computer first thing. Vulnerable. No walls. No over thinking. I don't know, you could be a morning person and you wake up clear headed and ready to roll. Not me. 

To be honest, I didn't think there would be much circling my mind first thing in the morning. Usually it sounds like a bunch of static pre-coffee for me. But aside from the first day where I was counting the minutes, (five more to go - now three more minutes), the time flew by the rest of the week. And I looked forward to it the night before. Although, I still struggled first thing in the morning.

So the question is, does it work? Have I created more? I have painted more this week than the last few weeks, but the last few weeks I have spent packing, moving and unpacking, so not sure that's a tell-tale sign. I think I need to continue it, but I want to change up the activity next week. Instead of writing first thing - I think I want to try getting up and drawing first thing for fifteen minutes. I don't suspect I will turn out any masterpieces, but I'm excited to discover what may be different in my creations before I am fully awake. 

I'll let you know what I find next week!

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