Friday, August 17, 2012

Sketching Before Coffee

So as I mentioned last week, I am reading 'The Creative Call' by Janice Elsheimer and one of the activities to reawaken creativity, (regardless if you're an artist, musician, fashion designer, etc), was to journal first thing in the morning. I did that. And I did a lot of painting that week, plus I kept having dreams about being pregnant. Which, from what I've read, means new ideas coming my way?

I thought that since I am a more visual person I would try sketching first thing in the morning, but you know what? I painted less. Not more. No weird dreams. I limited the sketching to the same amount of time I was writing, fifteen minutes. I didn't try to come up with something new, I sketched from paintings I liked. And yes, they were all fish. But due to being limited time-wise, the sketches felt incomplete to me. I didn't like them. And I REALLY didn't like that I didn't paint this week.

What did I learn? That my way didn't work, at least not with the goal I had in mind. I have a couple options for next week. I can try another week of sketching, but just sketch whatever comes into my mind, because after all that is how I was writing. Or I can go back to writing, but I may cheat and drink coffee. ;)

Here are my sketches from the past week:

Day One (Angry? Possibly due to no coffee)

Day Two (Sad - Again no coffee)

Day Three (Zombie-esque because no coffee)

Day Four (swimming in darkness because no coffee)

Day Five (Searching and determined to find coffee)

Day Six (Asking friends where is the coffee??)

OK...I think it's safe to say I need coffee in the morning? I will let you know what I decide for next week, but I'd love to hear which idea you think I should try. But please - say it involves coffee! :)


  1. 1 word..... STARBUCKS.....
    BTW love the fish!

    1. Mmmm...Starbucks. Always a great idea. :)