Friday, August 24, 2012

Monotony Can Spark Creativity

Dirty Dishes or Potential Creative Ideas?

I read an article recently and wish I had saved it, so I can give proper credit, because I loved a term they used. It was 'double jobbers'. You may have heard of that before, but it is new to me. Anyway, the article was talking about how most artists are double jobbers. I know people can get tired of hearing that being a 'parent' is a job, but if you're taking it seriously, it can be. That, plus I work part time, so that makes me, a 2.5 jobber? Parent, Part Timer, Artist. The sad thing is art always takes a backseat. It makes logical sense when you compare it to your children and/or financial income, but my art is my happiness, and I am not giving it priority. I believe in all things there should be balance, but right now, my life is not balanced. I need more time to create.

I've been thinking a lot lately about creativity and what inspires it. Sometimes when you sit still you can come up with some great ideas. I, however, don't sit for very long before I see or think of something to do, so what usually is a better choice for me is doing something monotonous, like painting a wall a new color. While my body is painting, my brain decides the body can handle 'up - down - side-to-side' all on its own, and off it goes on a tangent. That usually leads to some creative idea. I then journal those ideas down and hope I will make time to come back and make them a reality. 

Lately, though, I've been consumed with my jobs. Sometimes I have monotonous tasks, like dishes, so the creative ideas still filter in, I just have not set aside time to put them on canvas. No one to blame, but me.

Are you a double or possibly triple jobber? Does your job help your creativity or suck it dry? Do you have a solution for ensuring creativity gets priority in your life?

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