Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Facebook Face Video

Even though I am back to creating (I hit a dry spell), I still want to share with you every idea that comes my way because I firmly believe that we all need to increase our creativity.

I am still waiting for my model to say she's ready to pose for my latest inspiration for a painting. In the meantime,  I was inspired in another way. I just received my 300th 'Like' on my Facebook page. In celebration I created a random Facebook face. Every once in awhile I will select someone at random and recreate their profile photo. This time I chose the person who became my 300th Like.

I was so excited, I decided to even create my first video. Seeing how it is my first, be kind. ;)

So the suggestion for this week - relax. Sometimes inspiration will find you!

Here's my video capturing the moment:

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