Friday, June 15, 2012

Iron Sharpens Iron

Are you in pursuit of inspiration? I have made it my goal, as of late, to share what I do personally to spark creativity. Plus, I aim to share any other ideas I come across. My suggestion to you, try them all, some may fail, but others may stick. And sometimes something that fails this time, will work at another time. The trick is to keep trying.

One of the best ways to spark my imagination is to rub elbows with someone else who is creative. That's why I always feel refreshed when spending time with another artist who loves art as much as I do.

I met up with a talented local artist the other day who is also an amazingly cool person. We talked about art and had a great time! We shared what we are working on, new mediums we are trying, things we don't like and why. Time flew by and if I hadn't promised an excursion to Tucson with my kids, I would have most likely spent hours in the studio.

It seems the creativity spread to our girls who decided the dog was a bit under dressed. I would have felt sorry for her, except she had a noticeable swagger in her step when they put the tutu on her.

For me, It doesn't even have to be a visit with another fine artist. Visiting with musicians, writers, or anyone who is creative works for me. If you don't know anyone, there's bound to be a live musician playing nearby or perhaps an artist studio tour that is coming up. Don't be an island. Reach out.

Check out my local artist friend, Rawkmama, and her work on Etsy :


  1. The dog needs a drink in her hand, something tropical with an umbrella

    1. Good idea! Or maybe a camera, fannypack and a passport?