Friday, June 22, 2012

Carving Myself Out of a Rut

In a rut? Dig yourself out! Sometimes I am uninspired because I keep the same routine and it becomes stale. My 'go-to' creating mediums are pencil and paint. There is plenty of variety in those alone, but sometimes it's not enough. That's when I try out a new medium.

Recently I decided a change of pace was in order and I picked up a wood sculpture I had started many years ago, when sting rays were my favorite animal. I ended up putting it aside because I kept drawing blood, and needed time to heal. But I just acquired my grandfather's wood carving set. He was a fabulous carver. I've always loved the smell of cut wood, and the beauty of wood carvings, but it is something that has eluded me. It takes me out of my comfort zone.

Whatever you normally do, try something different. Something that makes you a bit uneasy. No one has to see your creation. Just try stepping outside of your normalcy. It may just trigger your creativity.

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