Friday, May 25, 2012

When Stress Causes a Dead End to Inspiration

A Dead-End

My husband is coming up with new jokes on the fly and my son is playing ‘Cold As Ice’ on the keyboard using different keyboard instruments. Creativity is swirling around me, but has not landed on me yet. 

In my last blog I promised to share my journey to inspiration with you. I don’t know when it will arrive or if I will find it, but I will share what help I can. 

Sometimes it takes soul searching as to why and when inspiration stopped.  Discerning the why and when may help, so we can ‘fix’ or address whatever it is and find restoration.  The problem may not be the same each time. 

In the past, stress has created a dead end for me more than once. I had too many irons in too many fires or I was trying to do too much in too little time. In times like those I need to free up time to just be.  I need to sleep and clear my schedule for a week. After two days I am usually jumping out of my skin to create something – anything.  It sounds like an easy answer, but it requires saying, ‘no’ to some things or some people, so you can say ‘yes’ to creativity.  And if you’re a do-er, it can be hard to not do anything, and in all honesty, I’m a wife, mother and hold a part time job, so it can be hard to really remove myself from all tasks, but I definitely downsize my list for a week.

So if you find you are stressed and lack inspiration, my suggestion to you, clear off your schedule for the next hour. No tv, no internet, no phone. Just an hour. Grab a cool drink, a comfy chair, a pad of paper and something beautiful to view.  The paper is for you to write down any burden that comes to mind that tempts you to ‘do’. Write it down and work on that when you’re done with your hour.  Just be. If it doesn’t inspire you, it will at least rejuvenate you, so you can accomplish whatever tasks are waiting. If it does inspire you, please share!