Friday, May 18, 2012

Journey to Inspiration

Which is scarier: a blank page, a blank canvas or an evil clown? For me - a blank canvas. I’ve never been at a loss for words on paper and I used to collect clowns. My husband, however, owns a shirt that reads, “Can’t sleep. Clowns will eat me.” While I’m pretty sure what he would answer, I don’t know what you would pick. For me it’s more than a fear. As someone who is happiest painting, there is a sadness that piggy backs the fear of the blank canvas. It’s not that I lack subject matter. I lack inspiration. 

I could be googling it wrong, but I have not found any help online and it’s not for lack of trying. The desire to paint exists and every day I wake up praying and hoping I will be inspired.  I search online, I search within.

What I do know is I will be inspired again. I know this because I’ve been here before.  But this time I will collect all the advice I can and share it with you for when you experience the blahs, and perhaps we can find ways to jumpstart our creativity and shorten the periods of inactivity. 

Life is short - do what you love!