Friday, May 20, 2011

Recent Faces on Facebook

That's right, I'm still doing faces on facebook. How can I stop when it's so much fun? Whenever I get an urge I jump to my facebook page,, and right there it lists for me six people randomly. I select the first person (unless they don't have a photo of them) and start creating. Right now I am enjoying watercolors in yellows and greens, but it depends on what I want that day.

The following pictures should catch you up on who I've done. Add me on facebook, (if you dare), and you may be next (insert maniacal laughter here). No seriously, come join the fun. ;)

Oh! And it gets better, a fellow artist is going to return the favor and render my likeness. What's cooler is he's a surrealist artist. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. He is in the third picture I did, titled "Puzzling".

I hope you are spending your life doing what you love -- I am! <3

"Playing with Dots"
Colored Pencils
Colored Pencils


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