Friday, April 8, 2011

Faces on Facebook : Week II

Happy Friday All!

I had some brave volunteers this week who asked that I not-so-randomly choose their profile to be reinvented. I think it made things more interesting and perhaps even a bit more challenging which is always good for me. I was almost done with a face and ended up scrapping it because I didn't like it. Which is funny, because sometimes I'll share what I don't like and find someone who does. Which goes to show you I'm not always fully in control of my artwork. It breathes a life of it's own. Sometimes the creation makes me happy and sometimes I just am unable to look at it anymore. I've been known to turn paintings facing to the wall in a perpetual time-out. But like the tell-tale heart, I know they're there and eventually conquer their speak to me by fixing them or painting over. Even with tormenting moments and unsure outcomes of creating, I still choose to create, for me it's worth it. I cannot imagine life without creating.

I hope you are spending your life doing what you love - I am!

Face Week II
The Scribbler
Manga Mom

A Touch of Spring
Seeing Through

Butterfly Whispers

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  1. Love them! Who's that cool girl in the last one :) You are so good Alix!