Friday, November 12, 2010

Zan's Got the Blues - I & II

A few weeks back I was trying a loosening up technique - drawing with markers. There's no way to erase markers, so even while the picture is not perfect it frees you to express yourself and not be concerned about perfection. I created this portrait -

While it isn't the best portrait I've ever done and I didn't expect to like the outcome,  I loved it! I've done some pretty colorful portraits, but not like this, so I decided to take this a step further and paint colorful faces. I started with blue because I think there is something so beautiful and elegant about the color blue. I have lots of color portrait ideas that I cannot wait to try. I am excited about possible future paintings in this vein.

I have one more blue portrait in the works to share with you soon. It's taking a bit more time because it's actually two portraits in one, but it's adorable and I cannot wait to share it with you. However, for now, here is Zan's Got the Blues I & II.

 "Zan's Got the Blues I"
"Zan's Got the Blues II"

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