Saturday, October 16, 2010

Random Facebook Profile : Window of the Soul

After yesterday's fun time of drawing "Lil Bean" I decided to randomly select another person from my facebook page, . Just like before I let facebook's top six narrow it down for me and closed my eyes and chose the next victim.....err....subject.

I knew before I selected someone that I wanted to do a Window of the Soul and seeing how I am drawing small (5"x6") I knew it would be a challenge. Going through their profile folder I was happy to see their dog had big eyes. And it seemed fitting, since most dogs adore their owners, to put it's master in it's eyes.

This was the first animal in my Windows of the Soul series. I have done people with scorpions, flowers, ballerinas, tigers, grasshoppers, angels and even goats in their eyes. I like trying new things, so I am very pleased with this drawing and trying something new.

I want to thank two of my facebook friends who inspired me, Siddartha Pierce and Dawn Shelton. They came up with some good ideas that you may see in the future. ;)

I am off to enjoy my son's football game. Have a great weekend!

"Windows of the Soul : Eyes For Only You"
Pencil & Charcoal

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