Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Art on Display in October

 Paintings on Display

 It's been a little over eighteen years since I moved to Arizona and settled down in a town at the bottom of the beautiful Huachuca Mountains in Sierra Vista, Arizona. That was back when any artwork I did I quickly hid in a closet. I lived there five years before moving away. Since then I have changed a lot as a person, and as an artist. Not only learning more, but having been encouraged to share and show my artwork. No more closets for me.

This month my work hangs in Sierra Vista all month long. Even though so many years have passed I am still that same girl who loved to create, but was scared to share my creations. Each time I leave my artwork somewhere I feel that a piece of me is being left behind. That piece could be judged or ridiculed and have no one to defend it, but  I have come to terms and relinquish that fear, hoping that instead a person will walk away and be touched in a positive way.

Sierra Vista Community Chorus Practicing
 I arrived at the Ethel Berger Center to hang my artwork and was greeted by singing. The Sierra Vista Community Chorus was practicing for some upcoming shows. It was a beautiful sound to hear. I felt privileged to be able to listen in as I set up. They were gracious and even allowed me to hammer while they practiced. They only asked that I hammer to the beat. (Easier said than done.) Their songs raised my spirits and made me more comfortable walking away when I left for the day. You can catch their free 7th Annual Gospel Concert at Faith Presbyterian Church, 2053 Choctaw Dr in Sierra Vista, on Friday October 15 at 7pm. Call 378-2218 for more details. 

And my work will be on display all the month of October at the Ethel Berger Center located at 2950 E. Tacoma St (next to the library). They are open 9a-5pm Monday through Friday or Saturdays 10a-2pm. Call the Ethel Berger Center at (520)417-6980 for more details.
More Paintings On Display at The Ethel Berger Center

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  1. I suppose it's safe to say you've come a long way. What a blessing to hear affirmations of songs as you were hanging your work!