Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7 Days of Steve - Day 1

Seven days of Steve? You may be wondering who Steve is or what I am planning on doing. I will allow you to wait and see on the last part.

Steve is my husband and a frequent model. I like to draw and sketch my kids, but let's face it, they are kids and have a hard time sitting still. (Actually any of us has a hard time sitting still - so much to do and so many things that allow us to do it right now.)  Being older Steve sits still longer, but even with him, my best times of sketching him are usually when he's asleep. And as long as I stay quiet, he remains pretty still.

This week I plan on using my favorite model to play around with some ideas I have. Some may fall short, actually they may all fail, but I will display them anyway because it is in failing that I learn. The goal is to try something new.

Thanks for tagging along.

"In the Country"

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