Sunday, August 22, 2010

7 Days of Sketching - Day 6

Only one more day left in my goal of sketching for a week. Just like any physical workout, I had days that challenged me more than others, but regardless, when I pushed through I felt more alive.

While I was sketching I thought about other things I could focus on, but disciplined myself to stick strictly to sketching from a photo album. That, in itself, had it's own array of challenges - pictures too small...too dark, but I tried to stick with wherever the album opened up. I told myself I could focus on other things after these seven days or choose to continue doing pencil portraits. Some of the ideas I am toying with, a week of : watercolor, facebook profile pictures, abstracts, animal portraits. I am open to suggestions.
I have not decided on anything yet. I will take it easy today, focus on finishing strong, and enjoy my last day of sketching. Should be interesting to see what it ends on.

Hope you're doing what you enjoy!

"A Moment In Time"

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