Saturday, August 21, 2010

7 Days of Sketching - Day 5

I had a friend call me today and ask how long I am spending on my sketching and I honestly couldn't tell her nor you. I limit it to the morning in between chores and mini breaks. I lose track of time so easily when creating, so I cannot even guess how much I spend in one sitting. But, what I can tell you is I am restricting myself. I ordinarily would spend a day or two on a piece and I'm making myself be done with a piece in a few hours just to warm up for painting. However, because I had such a wonderful time catching up with my friend, I did not get to paint today, but it was totally worth it!

Even though I cannot tell you how long I spend, I can share with you some of the stages I went through on today's sketch.

I lightly sketched in the basics and tried to tackle one of the hardest things in a portrait, a tilted head. While my adored putty eraser (and I highly suggest one if you like to draw) sits near my drawing, at this point I have not used it.

I may have taken one or two breaks between the last stage and this one. I'm starting to be more bold in my strokes and you can see the image I am working from.

If my drawing is missing something I just turn it upside down and study shapes and when I think everything is back in order I turn it back around again. Sometimes it doesn't even have to look wrong, I will turn it upside down just to check that I am on track. Another trick that I have used, but not often, is to look in a mirror for inconsistencies.

A few more breaks and I am done with the sketch of the day.

"The Joy of Childhood"

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